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Meet Lisa Tully:

Feeling miffed at corporate life and all its samsara trappings Lisa handed in her notice.

Money was tight, people were pessimistic but her heart was smiling. For she had a deep calling to go to India and now she was finally free to follow it.

Lisa Tully

Originally she was meant to go with friends but as many group emails went by, the thoughts of sipping cool drinks on a beach in a posh resort just didn’t cut it as a dream trip to India. She decided to go solo instead of team, north instead of south and Tibetan instead of Indian. A public teaching by His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama became the entire basis for the trip.

Upon arrival in Dharamsala Lisa quickly made friends within the Tibetan community. Her entire trip was a mixture of immense teachings, spectacular Himalayan scenery, tasty Tibetan momos, profound meditations and discoveries of all the local best bits through the eyes of dedicated maroon clad friends.

On returning back to Europe from this incredible trip she found it difficult to settle back into the spiritual poverty of the West for so much had changed inside of her. Witnessing the stress and anguish of her Western brothers and sisters with new eyes she decided more people needed to experience what she had experienced and from that the idea for these spiritual tours was born.


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