COSTA RICA: Mayan Vibrational Alignment for 2012 – to be announced

Are you looking to…

  • Celebrate the upcoming cosmic shift in a place of beauty and peace
  • Connect with your Higher Self, to shift, heal, and vibrationally expand.
  • Explore a variety of Shamanic practices for deep spiritual development.
  • Unwind in a nourishing, supportive, embracing environment
December 21st, 2012 is a just step away and there is no better way to prepare for this cosmic shift than to celebrate together with Shamanic ceremonies and Sacred circles facilitated by author and Shaman Ernesto Ortiz. Our intent is to start creating a shift in our personal vibrational frequency to align our personal Chakras with the Planetary Chakras. Here we will have an opening circle honoring the ancient ways with a powerful “Medicine Wheel” and “Sacred Pipe Ceremony” so we can enter into the new cosmic cycle of 2012 with grace and ease.
Rewind while you unwind, bring your spirit into wholeness, re-connect with your Shamanic and Sacred Selves, and become vibrationally alive as you supercharge your four lower bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) with cosmic energy as this vibrational shift ends and a new one awakens. This is an opportunity for you to consciously let go of all you have accumulated, not only in this lifetime, but all the lifetimes you have lived in the last cosmic cycle of 26,000 years.

Highlights Of Your Retreat:

  • Six nights on the sultry Caribbean coast of Costa Rica
  • Integrative ~ Shamanic Breathwork
  • Trance Dance ~ Spirit Dance
  • Shamanic Journeys; Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval
  • Mask Making
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Native American Pipe Ceremonies
  • Toning, Chanting, Meditation, Celebration
  • An optional Teacher Plant Ceremony
  • Group Processing
  • Cacao Farm visit watching how Indians make chocolate
  • Rainforest Canopy Adventure (zip-lining!)
  • Fun on Punta Uva Beach!

The Goddess Garden Eco-resort & Spa

The Goddess Garden is located in the town of Cahuita, a small community in the south of Costa Rica, 40 km south of Puerto Limon. Cahuita National Park is the main attraction here, where you can watch White Faced Monkeys, Howler monkeys, Iguanas and more, just a few steps away from its white sand beach. The Spiritual Center is surrounded by huge jungle trees and just few steps away, you will find the oldest and most amazing tree in Cahuita. Its roots, as tall as a man, will leave you breathless – it is a truly a temple.
“He (the Shaman) is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansions
of a magnificent hidden universe.”
~ Michael Harner

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849, +866-866-5566 or email us – we can’t wait to hear from you!


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  1. Karen Joy says:

    I am looking for a spiritual retreat in Feb or March, 2010. This looks like what I would like. I have had yoga classes and am in good physical shape, even though I am 69 yrs. old.
    Let me know any info.


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