Conformity is the jailer of freedom

Many of us grew up in the era of the “60’s” when we were encouraged to express our authentic self and not adhere to the conformity of society. At the time we felt like we were exploring new territory and opening doors to new possibilities and adventures. And of course that was wonderful – any time we can expand beyond the limitations we have placed upon ourselves it’s a great gift.

So take a moment to consider this – John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said: Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. However, we don’t often consider that the conformity we need to break free of lies within our own minds – rather than outside of us. Now, as spiritual warriors, you know that we seek our personal freedom first and foremost, and by this we mean freedom from the tyranny of our own mind and its limiting thought forms.

Nothing will stunt your spiritual and personal growth more that the stubborn adherence to believing that what you believe is right and that what others believe is wrong. And nothing will stunt your process more than attaching to your own thought forms and believing what you are thinking. It is imperative that we understand that our internal dialogue is simply the expression of a program and it has nothing to do with us. Even as you think about what I am saying right now – your thoughts are not your own. They are not who you are, they are not necessarily truth, and they surely will not set you free. They are just thought forms reflecting your beliefs, personal point of view, judgments and opinions.

I encourage you to break free of the conformity of your own mind. Stop entertaining the same old thoughts and challenge yourself to go beyond your limiting ideas and ideals. Once you do so, something more powerful will take over and guide your life – and that is the real you. If you start rebelling against the tyranny of your own mind like you did back in the ‘60’s – you just might find your freedom!

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Blessings & love, Sheri



  1. Matthew Jones says:

    I keep on thinking of things to say, but then I say no, I don’t believe you, I am not going to listen to you. I guess that is all I can say… Time to go polish metal… Thank you! You too have a lovely day!!! 🙂

    • Dear Matthew,
      Thanks for the note. Remember – not believing from the point of a mental position and sarcasm is more ego, and we are always looking to move beyond mind to heart. The point is to hear what people are saying, listen deeply and see their mythology and your own. Then make heart-based choices. Blessings, Sheri

  2. Robin Gill says:

    Sheri – Awesome video. Great thought process. I will experiment as per you recommendation. Curious to see what happens. Keep you posted.
    ALSO – it’s great to see you. Please continue to do the videos……it’s a wonderful to connect!
    Love ya

  3. Millie says:

    Dear Sheri,

    Thank you so much for this gift and for the message you so graciously shared. As you know, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience this just recently 8-). It was like a bucket of cold water–it shook me out of my own “stupor” caused by believing lies and it was also so refreshing when I came out the other side. With some of the choices I have made, believe me, the mind chatter has been pretty loud, and the only thing keeping me going forward is hearing it, but not believing it. Thank you for this wonderful gift, which has been pivotal in my life! I will stick to your challenge tomorrow, well, now and now and now…

    With utmost love and gratitude,


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