Itinerary for our Chichen Itza Shamanic Journey

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Day 1 May 17 – Arrival in Cancun, Mexico (-/-/d)

Chichen Itza Shamanic Journey

Today we leave home to embark on our beautiful journey arriving in the Cancun airport by 4:00pm. We’ll gather up around 6:00pm to meet each other and have our dinner and then gather as a group to set our intent for our time together.

This week we will be visiting the sacred sites of Chichen Itza and Ek Balam, along with the opportunity to swim in a cenote.

Day 2-5 / May 18-21 Chichen Itza (b/l/d)

Our ancient roots are shamanic no matter where we live or the kind of culture we grew up in. It is humanity’s spiritual heritage. On this journey we will connect deeply with our roots and learn powerful techniques that we can use to assist us in our own healing process and in the healing of others.

Some of the different techniques we will be learning are:

How to prepare your healing bundle
You will learn how to prepare your Medicine Bundle. The bundle is sacred and it is your way of connection to your Shamanic Self. It is very important to understand the power that a bundle can contain and how is it used in healing and ritual.

Chichen Itza Shamanic Journey

The Medicine Wheel
The Medicine Wheel symbolizes the “Sacred Circle of Life,” with many different cycles of life: creation, the seasons, the directions, growth and development. The Medicine Wheel has 36 stones. Each stone is a “tool” to help us understand ourselves in relation to the universe and teaches us to respect ourselves and our relationship to other life forms, Mother Earth, and the Universe, in keeping with the Law of Right Relations. Meditation inside the Medicine Wheel can be a powerful tool for the shaman.

The Shamanic Journey
Learn how to journey to the upper world, middle world or lower world to extract and bring back information for your healing sessions. The journey is about receiving information for healing, wisdom, and knowledge. This process may connect you to your ancestors, spirit guides, and elders, as these beings are carriers of great wisdom.

Soul Retrieval
This Shamanic practice is very powerful! It is aimed at the reintegration of lost pieces of the soul that might have become disconnected, trapped or lost through trauma.

Chichen Itza Shamanic Journey

Power Animal Retrieval
Retrieving a Power Animal is usually one of the first, if not the very first thing we do. We journey to make contact with an animal energy that we need at this time, one that will support and strengthen us so we can do our Shamanic work. Many times it is the power animal that will guide us and protect us in other journeys. By working with a power animal we can help a person reintegrate their energies and bring them to their center, to their power.

Shamanic Extraction
You will learn how to identify misplaced energy in the body – and by using your intuition will know if that energy needs to be extracted. If this energy is left in the body it will eventually cause illness. Shamanic extraction can also include spirit release. You will learn a safe way of doing this type of work.

Illness Extraction
Often illness has a spiritual component as well as a physical component. When people and animals are vulnerable and dis-empowered it is possible for entities that don’t belong to enter our bodies. These misplaced entities can cause persistent sickness, soreness and other undesirable things. As a shaman one of my key functions is to work with my spirits to extract these misplaced entities and deliver them to a neutral place, where they can contribute to the overall good of things (instead of causing harm). This process is called extraction, and it is a very common healing activity in my work. The results are immediate and powerful. After an extraction we always fill the space with positive healing power of some kind.

Chichen Itza Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Dance and Song
Drum and dance, sing and connect with nature, with your ancestors or with your power animal, using movement to awaken your Divine individuality.

Explore the Shadow Self
Learn exercises to develop an ongoing relationship with this part of yourself.

Imparting Spiritual Energy and Power
This can be similar to “energy” healing. Learn and develop an intimate relationship with objects that nature provides for us to use as healing instruments. These can be plants, color, crystals, and an animal. Awaken your shamanic voice and song to use during the ritual.

How to enter an ASC (altered state of consciousness)
Generally, the shaman walks between worlds, with this ability he/she is able to enter the spirit world by inducing Trance, either by using Teacher Plants or not. The methods are many and most of the times used together. We will explore these methods during the retreat.

OPTIONAL Sacred Teacher Plant Experience
Ek Balam Shamanic JourneyAfter spending time in preparation to connect with our Shamanic self and the energies of the earth, why not participate in a beautiful ritual with the Sacred Teacher plant Ayahuasca? Ernesto will offer a stimulating, responsible and safe experience based on the Ritual Ceremony of Ayahuasca.

The ritual is for those who are looking for an authentic way to pursue their personal quest for expanded awareness. The ceremonial initiation with Ayahuasca will open a lifelong relationship with Shamanic spirituality. The new internal order that emerges from the experience is obtained from a transcendental dimension which reveals the purpose and meaning of life.

During the workshop, we will have one Ayahuasca session, integrated in a harmonic process which will include discussion forums (satsang) about the experience. Each session produces a profound reaction in the body, mind and spirit. Ayahuasca sheds light into your reality, shows you what you need to heal or integrate in order to transcend into higher levels of awareness and harmony. The ceremony is optional at a cost of $100.00 USD per person.

Day 6 – May 22 (b/-/-)

Enjoy a final breakfast and then we leave our sacred ground for home. We say our last goodbyes, hugs and kisses as we prepare to take our new dream of heaven back to our lives!


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