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About Glenn:

Glenn & Cameron Broughton

Glenn Broughton, who is English, has been researching and visiting ancient sacred sites for twenty years and is drawn to explore their energetic properties and how such places of power affect us today. Knowing intuitively that they have something to teach us Glenn has been a tour guide for most of this time leading groups exploring the mystery of sacred sites through Sacred Britain Tours/Journeys With Soul.

He also lectures internationally on sacred sites, earth mysteries and crop circles, and is the co-founder & co-organizer of Earth Spirit Conferences in the USA. Glenn came to sacred sites via a circuitous life path which included school-teaching, founding and running an inner city community arts centre, house renovation, wholesale organic food distribution, and leading spiritual development and earth mysteries groups and workshops.

Running alongside all of these activities was a constant spiritual exploration which opened many doors and led to many questions. Practicing Vipassana meditation, traveling, and training with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and the International College of Crystal Healing, were all experiences which have informed his current perspective.

About Cameron:

Cameron Broughton

Cameron Broughton’s life path has taken many directions; adventurer, seeker of spirit, functions and conference organizer, group leader, entrepreneur, massage therapist, healing facilitator and mother. Following her passion brought her to England in 1996 where through a serendipitous unfolding of events she met Glenn (her life partner) on the first tour that he led visiting the Sacred Sites of the Southwest of England. It has been an amazing journey, rich with the beauty of life and all that it encompasses!

Since meeting Glenn she has had the pleasure of living in Britain for several years and now spends half her time there leading pilgrimages exploring Britain’s ancient and modern mysteries. It gives her great pleasure as an American to share her enthusiasm and love for the magic of England, its legends, myths and mysteries. Cameron is deeply aware of the transformations that such journeys can bring about and she looks forward to meeting you and helping to make your journey a truly unforgettable one.


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  1. Veronica Hahn says:

    My name is Veronica Hahn, and I am very interested in this trip!

    I would like to know what a payment plan would look like (I have the deposit, that is not the issue) and as I am a single person traveling alone, safety issues, etc. I am very willing to share a room with another single traveler because, honestly, that would be less expensive.


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