CARRAPATEIRA, PORTUGAL: Access your Dreams Retreat – to be announced

Are You Looking to…

  • Create closer connections and healthy relationships
  • Enhance a solid sense of your personal power and self-worth
  • Experience spiritual awareness and connection
  • Improve your physical health and well-being
  • Feel free from the emotional roller coasters of unresolved emotional issues
  • Increase joy, playfulness and creative expression
  • Find the energy and passion to find the job that truly suits you and you can be passionate about


Did you ever wish you could step outside your day to day life and focus on restoring your emotional, physical and/or spiritual balance? Do you ever feel frustrated, stuck or overwhelmed in life? Or feel the urge to stop settling for less than living the dream you know in your heart you could have? You know action is needed to make your life’s desires come true, yet your thoughts constantly keep running around in circles sabotaging your progress. Thoughts about insecurity, anger, regrets, guilt, shame and sorrow…

These issues are causing reactions that are damaging your relationships, career and health. The only way to embody the power to change your circumstances is for you to learn how to become stronger, emotionally and physically, and more creative. Learning to overcome obstacles and find the emotional power to go from dreaming to action and finally make things happen in your life is the key!

If this sounds like your situation – you must join Life Strategist  Mami Veza’s – Access your Dreams Retreat to help you reach the state of mind you need to be in to effectively give birth to your deepest and most sacred dreams.

Highlights Of Your Retreat:

  • Take the time and space to quiet your mind, take stock and think about what you really want in life – your dreams, passions, goals – and learn how to take action to realize them
  • Relax and recharge your inner “battery”
  • Learn new techniques to handle stress so you can overcome mental and physical challenges
  • Be fully taken care of
  • Create a fresh start, by letting go of negative circumstances from the past
  • Get a clear sense of your life purposes
  • Enjoy a holiday in relaxing surroundings while working on clarifying and the how’s of achieving your life’s dreams and goals.

On this powerful retreat, Mami will take you through her unique and essential five steps method. This method will enable you to powerfully shape and live your life from your own values and terms. You’ll learn about the essential five steps that can help you develop a powerful and positive approach to overcome personal and professional obstacles that stand in your way from realizing your dreams.

At her Access your Dreams Retreat YOU are the main focus. Your individuality and personal experiences are the driving factors in whatever it is you want to achieve. For mental improvement and spiritual development, your unique qualities and beliefs are taken into full account during the entire process.

The Stunning Western Side of the Algarve

The Monte Vehlo Eco Resort is located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Vicentin Coast, near the village of Bordeira. It’s a region enriched by the strength of its nature, where high cliffs overlook the ocean, filling the air with a fresh breeze, spreading myths and tales of fisherman, sailors and pirates, and sunken ships. The dense energy that originates from the storms in the ocean, concentrates in the beautiful waves that break on the sweeping sandy coast. Soak up the peaceful and informal atmosphere, and focus your mind and body with yoga, walking and nature. Surf the waves of this stunning and wild coast, and commune with the horses or even do a little trekking.

The lovely photographs are thanks to the Monte Vehlo Eco Resort

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