BRITISH COLUMBIA: A Heli-Hiking Spiritual Retreat – Inner Peace, Silence & Sanctuary – to be announced

There’s something about this land that allows you to rest deeply, slow down and open to the land and nature. We’ll have the opportunity to stay at some of the loveliest lodges in British Columbia: The Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Post Lodge at Lake Louise, and Bobbie Burns Lodge. The food is incredible and we even have access to full spa services for our weary bodies. So bring your hiking shoes, a journal and an open heart. Be prepared for the unexpected, as the magic of this land will take you to places you did not think were possible.


Into the Clouds

This will be an active trip, as we’ll be hiking at altitude in the Purcell Mountains in the Canadian Rockies. (Hiking elevation: between 945 m/3100 ft – 3050 m/10,006 ft). This range of mountains cannot be reached by car as there are no roads. Only by helicopter, which we use each day, can we access these remote areas.

Walking Meditation

The blessing of this trip is the ability to hike in absolute peace and solitude with no other humans around us, giving us the time to reflect deeply on our selves and our lives. We will have at least one day of silence while on this retreat to help quiet our minds and allow us to fully open our hearts to nature and divine creation.

“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.”
~ Clifton Fadiman

Want to Join Us?

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