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Sheri’s Story:

Sheri Rosenthal

My personal adventure began in 1998 when I was going through a challenging time in my life. I realized on some level that I had never been truly happy. Although I changed: husbands (twice), cities (five moves), podiatric practices (three different offices) and friends (should we go there?), I still had no real joy in my life.

A leap of faith was the last resort – I sold my practice, boy-friend (only kidding), and home – and closed the surgical residency program I was director of (yes, that was a pretty big deal and yes, the medical community thought I was nuts).

After leaving behind the world of medicine, I spent nearly 8 years on a transformative spiritual quest. I rolled across the western US in my car, and began to explore the landscape of my inner world. It was a rocky, unforgiving place. (Sometimes, it still is.) But over time, I’ve gained skills + tools to shift my own reality — from the inside out.

It was the first time I saw myself as an expression of divine consciousness and I realized my pain stemmed from my basic lack of self-love and limiting beliefs. As a result of that journey, I became an apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz and later a teacher of the Toltec philosophy.

My personal exploration and teachings from don Miguel inspired me to write: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom, Banish Mind Spam! and to create the How to Forgive eCourse, a heart-opening online program.

In 2002 I gave birth to Journeys of the Spirit® to assist others on their transformational journey and to give back what I personally received. As a journey leader for many years, I’ve watched people travel to faraway places and come “home” to themselves again and again, changing their life perspective from one of fear and limitation, to one of love and limitless possibility.

This journey is an invitation, from me to you — an opportunity to explore the quality of what you put forth in the world. The lightness + luminosity of your own audacious projection of love, kindness + compassion. And, if you’re looking for a rare adventure — this is the program for you.

Meet Lisa Tully:

Lisa Tully

Leading me to quit my corporate life it was the nectar my soul yearned for. Then one day after a hypnosis session I heard a deep calling in my heart to go see the Dalai Lama in India. It was like he had sent me a t-mail (telepathic mail!). With two mortgages to pay, living off credit cards (my savings were non-existent), no job to speak of and a desire to get traveling once again I booked a ticket to go see him.

And things have never been the same since. As it was this trip that inspired me to set up this spiritual travel company. It was a clear case of divine intervention or more like divine instruction!

When I’m not running tours to far-off lands I spend as much time as possible on personal retreat and attending Buddhist teachings and initiations to further my own personal practice.

I also love to draw from the wealth of other traditions & great masters including Sufism, Hinduism, Christianity & Celtic spirituality to name but a few. All under the close guidance of my beloved teacher Hema Vyas who I have been working closely with for over eight years now.

In addition – I like fund-raising for my beloved monks in India. It was one such project that led me to face my biggest fear of heights and skydive out of a moving plane at 10,000ft!! As a result there is now a Tibetan Buddhist temple in a very poor part of Delhi which is clean and safe for the monks living there.

Constantly working to raise awareness about the Chinese occupation of Tibet I research and write about the Tibetan struggle for freedom. It is this work that has inspired me to study photojournalism so I can be of even more benefit to my displaced friends.

Lisa has an amazing prospective on Buddhist traditions and it is a blessing to have her on this journey of the heart.



  1. Elizabeth Wheeler says:

    Hello! Just curious – are you still offering Bhutan trips? The only date I see is 2014….
    Thanks a lot!


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