BAJA MEXICO: Majestic Grey Whales, Whale Watching – Custom Dates Available

Grey Whales are amazing creatures living 50-60 years, growing to over 50 feet, and weighing around 36 tons! It is with great respect and concern for their conservation and protection that we embark on this whale watching journey of the heart. Each year in October the Grey Whales make a 2-3 month journey of 5,000–6,800 miles (8,000–11,000 km) from the Bering Sea down to the western coast of Baja Mexico to give birth to their calves (perfect for whale watching). By late March they are ready to make their way back north with their young children – well fed for the long journey north. (This trip only runs from January to late March)


Connecting with the Whales

On this special journey, we will get close-up and personal with the Grey Whales, sending them energy and love. Just for a moment, imagine touching and connecting to one of these majestic mammals – running your hand over her bumpy back, looking deeply into her eye as she rolls over in the waters. There is something amazingly magical and transformational that happens when you look into the eyes of one of these creatures. There’s no description for the feeling of meeting a Grey Whale and her babies up-close – witnessing this beauty is a special experience. Do take a moment to watch the video on the right! –>

Magdalena Bay Habitat

We’ll be staying on Magdalena Bay in comfortable walk-in tents along the beach, with special showers, and yummy Mexican food. Magdalena Bay is ranked by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the nine most important coastal habitats in all of Mexico. Each evening our local guide will chat about the whales and wildlife of the area giving us a deeper appreciation of this delicate ecologic balance. Water activities feature whale watching from skiffs and paddling kayaks through tangled mangrove estuaries rich with wildlife. On land, you’ll have fun walking on – or tumbling down – towering sand dunes, along miles of unspoiled beaches.

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849 – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Sand Dunes Photo © Tom Isgar
Both Whale Tale Photos © Tom Isgar
Bird Photo © Neil Ever Osborn
Whale on her side Photo © Neil Ever Osborn
Folks Kayaking Photo © Neil Ever Osborn
Petting the Whale Photo © Marc Uhlig



  1. Julija says:

    I am sending lots of love and blessings to the Grey Whales ((( <3 ))) 🙂


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