Itinerary for Ayahuasca & Ayni in the Andes

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Day 0 Departing home

Spiritual Journey Peru Willka Tika

Your journey to the mystical land of Peru begins tonight when you board your international flight. If you are taking an overnight flight you will arrive in time for our morning flight to Cusco. For those of you taking a daytime flight you will stay at the Ramada Hotel tonight at the Lima Airport in preparation for your morning flight to Cusco.

Day 1 – Jan 6th Cusco

Cusco Spiritual Journey Peru

Your Magical Journey program begins with your private group transfer from Cusco airport to your comfortable hotel conveniently situated off the historic Plaza de Armas. Note: Please arrive into Cusco no later than 11a.m. to acclimate to the 11,000 ft. altitude.

1:00 P.M. Meet your guide in the hotel lobby. Magical Journey invites you to lunch followed by a brief group orientation meeting in the hotel. Late afternoon walk through the cobblestone streets of San Blas, where your guide will point out fascinating Incan stonework en route to the Korikancha Temple, the holiest site during Incan times. You are free in the evening to dine in one of the highly- acclaimed restaurants near the main square. (L)

Day 2 – Jan 7th Cusco

Spiritual Journey Machu Picchu Peru

A.M. After breakfast a bus takes you to the Incan ritual fountains at Tampumachay. “Where there is water, there is life.” Participate in a ceremony to honor Yaku, the spirit of water, to open the body’s energy centers and activate and enhance your individual creative and healing forces.

A traditional coca-leaf ceremony invites you to tap into the energies of Pachamama, Mother Earth. Continue on a guided tour to the awesome giant stones of Saksaywaman overlooking the city of Cusco where your party may choose to participate in a brief meditation, or hike around the vast Incan site. Afterwards you will visit the shamanic site of Kenko.

Have lunch and visit famous alpaca and silver shops in the main square of Cusco. 3:00 P.M. Drive to Willka T’ika in the Sacred Valley through the spectacular Andean mountain scenery. Brief orientation of the retreat center and Chakra Gardens with Carol Cumes. (B.D)

Day 3 – Jan 8th Quechua School + P’isaq

Pisac, Peru

A.M. An ayni day. Welcome the sparkling energies of the day with a drive through the Sacred Valley to a Quechua mountain school, one of four supported by the nonprofit Willka T’ika Children’s Fund. For 19 years, Willka T’ika has maintained contact with dedicated schoolteachers in isolated high mountain communities where few tourists are privileged to visit. In a reciprocal ayni exchange, the group offers an activity the children can enjoy. The warmth and joy of the children, and their open-ness in bringing guests into their daily lives are special moments not easily forgotten. Visitors always are deeply moved by this heart-opening morning.

P.M. Continue with your guide to the spectacular ruins of P’isaq. Overlooking impressive Incan terraces, the group is invited to hike to the Temple of the Sun, a doorway to the upper Andean world of the Condor, messenger of the Gods. Return to P’isaq by bus and visit the famous, colorful market filled with woven goods, jewelry, wall hangings and hand-painted beadwork. Choose a restaurant for lunch in the market square where you can observe colorfully dressed campesinos wearing traditional clothing coming to barter and sell their produce. P’isaq is a photographer’s dream. Return to Willka T’ika with time for a late afternoon garden meditation or spa service before dinner. (B.D)

Day 4 – Jan 9th Machu Picchu

Spiritual Journey Machu Picchu Peru

A.M. Rise early for the tourist train to Aguas Calientes. A bus takes you to the sunlit terraces of Machu Picchu. Enjoy a fabulous guided tour of the ancient “City of Light.” Experience a journey through the ancient temples of political and spiritual power.

P.M. Hike to Inti Punku, the original Incan Gateway to the Sun or take an even more challenging hike to Machu Picchu Peak. With your guide, you’ll board a late afternoon train back to Ollantaytambo where you will transfer to Willka T’ika in time for a late dinner. (B.L.D)

At Willka T’ika guests will be housed in lovely Garden Rooms with private bathrooms. Introduction to Willka T’ika, brief Chakra Garden tour and orientation to the property. At 6:30pm: Dinner. Willka T’ika serves delicious, nourishing, sustaining, entirely vegetarian food. Most of the food is organically grown on the property. (D)

If you are just coming in for the conference then:
A.M. Meet in the lobby of the Los Andes Hotel in Cusco. Please take a taxi to the hotel and rest in the lobby. Drink some coca tea. 2:00 P.M. Group departure to Willka T’ika Guesthouse in the Sacred Valley, approximately 75-minute drive through beautiful Andean mountain scenery. 6:30 P.M. Gourmet, organic, vegetarian dinner lovingly prepared by the Willka T’ika chefs. (D)

Day 5 – Jan 10th Conference Willka T’ika


8:00-8:30 A.M. Breakfast at Willka T’ika. Relax and enjoy the Willka T’ika retreat center and gardens.
Noon Conference begins with a light lunch and introductory talk with Dr. McKenna.
P.M. Open afternoon. Maps are provided for hikes in the vicinity and to Maras Salt farms. Andean spa treatments and crystal bed sessions are available.
5:00 P.M. Group meeting. Questions and answers with Dennis and your Ayahuascero.
6:00 P.M. First Ayahuasca ceremony begins. (B.L)

Day 6 – Jan 11th Willka T’ika

Sleep in: Special breaking of fast, followed by individual discussion time with the ayahuascero.
1:00pm: Lunch.
4:00pm: Optional scenic walk to Urubamba local market.
6:30pm: Dinner. Willka T’ika serves delicious, nourishing, sustaining, strictly vegetarian food. Most of the food is organically grown on the property.
7:30pm: Group meeting with Dennis McKenna (B.L.D)

Day 7 – Jan 12th Willka T’ika

Spiritual Journey Peru Willka Tika

8:00 – 8:30 A.M. Breakfast at Willka T’ika
9:00 A.M. Optional guided tour to Ollantaytampu ruins. Noon. Lecture with Dr. McKenna. Late afternoon is open.
5:30 P.M. Group meeting. Questions and answers with Dennis and your Ayahuascero.
6:00 P.M. Second Ayahuasca ceremony begins. (B.L)

Day 8 – Jan 13th Willka T’ika

Sleep in. Special diet requirement before eating breakfast, followed by group sharing and scheduled individual sessions with Ayahuascero. Enjoy the calming and balancing garden energies. Pamper yourself with optional Andean Spa services, such as massage, Breema and crystal bed therapy sessions.
1:00 P.M. Lunch
4:00 P.M. Optional hike from Willka T’ika to the fascinating Maras salt farms.
6:30 P.M. Dinner
7:30 P.M. Group meeting with Dr. McKenna. (B.L.D)

Day 9 – Jan 14th Willka T’ika

Spiritual Journey Peru

8:00–8:30 A.M. Breakfast at Willka T’ika
A.M. Time to relax and integrate, visit local ceramics store in Urubamba on your own, if desired, & enjoy a light lunch out. Begin fasting after 12:30 p.m.
5:30 P.M. Group meeting. Questions and answers with Dennis and your Ayahuascero.
6:00 P.M. Third Ayahuasca ceremony begins. (B)

Day 10 – Jan 15th Willka T’ika

Sleep in. Break fast with special dietary regimen. Group sharing and scheduled individual sessions with Ayahuascero. Enjoy the calming and balancing garden energies and Andean Spa services.
1:00 P.M. Lunch
4:00 P.M. Presentation and final discussion with Dr. McKenna and the Ayahuascero.
6:30 P.M. Dinner
7:30 P.M. Evening closing ceremony. (B.L.D)

Day 11 – Jan 16th Home Again…

8:00 – 8:30: Breakfast.
Check-out and departure for Cusco Airport. Please book return flights that depart Cusco no earlier than 2pm, if possible. A group transfer to the Cusco airport will depart at approximately 10:45 a.m. Private transfers for earlier departures start at estimated $60 for a taxi transfer for 1-2 participants. (B)

Spiritual Journey Peru Willka Tika



  1. joumana says:

    i haven’t tried Ayahuasca yet.
    would you recommended this trip for first-timers?

  2. I would really like to go on this trip but cannot raise the funds within a month. Is there another trip planned soon?

    • Dear Lisa,
      Thanks for writing! Dennis McKenna is tops in his field and rarely does trips. Perhaps next year he will do it again but it’s hard to say….
      Did you sign up for our newsletter because that will keep you apprised of any changes and trip updates?
      Blessings, Sheri


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