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About Cameron:

Cameron Broughton

Cameron Broughton’s life path has taken many directions; adventurer, seeker of spirit, functions and conference organizer, group leader, entrepreneur, massage therapist, healing facilitator and mother. Following her passion brought her to England in 1996 where through a serendipitous unfolding of events she met Glenn (her life partner) on the first tour that he led visiting the Sacred Sites of the Southwest of England. It has been an amazing journey, rich with the beauty of life and all that it encompasses!

Since meeting Glenn she has had the pleasure of living in Britain for several years and now spends half her time there leading pilgrimages exploring Britain’s ancient and modern mysteries. It gives her great pleasure as an American to share her enthusiasm and love for the magic of England, its legends, myths and mysteries. Cameron is deeply aware of the transformations that such journeys can bring about and she looks forward to meeting you and helping to make your journey a truly unforgettable one.

About Katrina Valenzuela:

Katrina ValenzuelaKatrina Valenzuela is a graduate of International Tour Management Institute and has conducted Sacred Site and Historical Tours to Egypt and Worldwide since 1986, She has presented tours and conferences in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, Morocco and Peru through her own travel company ‘Transformations Tours’, as well as for some of the largest and most prestigious tour companies in the travel industry.

A certified hypnotist, past-life therapist, Stillpoint intuitive healer, EFT practitioner and medium, Katrina has been in practice since 1980 at Transformations Center for Healing and Holistic Studies. She has presented spiritual workshops to the Mystic Round Table of the UN and numerous other organizations.

A sought-after medium and spiritual teacher with 30 years experience, Katrina shares her insights with humor and light-heartedness. During the tour, she will offer a special 2-hour workshop ‘Reincarnation; Journey to Your Celtic Lives.’ Through the use of breathe, movement, sound and guided journey, we will travel to our ancient past in order to heal and integrate all parts of self.

About Clair Viner:

Clare VinerClare has a degree in English Literature and Drama and trained at Goldsmiths college, London as a Drama teacher. She has also studied Storytelling at Emerson College, Sussex; a Ruldolf Steiner college for adult education.

Clare has been telling stories since 2000 and has told and run workshops in a wide variety of settings. Recent longer projects have included commissions for the Devon Record Office and AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) in Devon and Somerset. Clare has also told stories and run workshops at schools, museums, SEN schools (for both adults and children), festivals, family centers, conservation sites, parties, charities, pilgrimages and more.

Clare is a member of the Society of Storytellers. She joins us not only for her abilities in Storytelling but also for her passion for Earth Mysteries and all that is sacred, she will weave the mysteries through her stories and help to create a sacred space through ceremony.


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