SEDONA: The Aramaic Breath of Life: Awakening in the Desert – to be announced

Are you looking to…

  • Gain wisdom from the sacred teachings of Yeshua in the ancient Aramaic language?
  • Discover stunning insights from the Aramaic scriptures about the awakening consciousness of humanity?
  • Experience the exhilarating purification of a Sedona morning sunrise desert river baptism & StillPoint/Samadhi Breathing?
  • Reawaken your conscious awareness of what Yeshua referred to as mlkootha d’Alaha (realm of God) and mlkootha d’Shmaya (realm of Heaven)?
  • Expose the rich spiritual wisdom that has been veiled beneath almost two millennia of misunderstandings & skewed translations?


If so – join international Aramaic spirituality mystic Dale Allen Hoffman as he takes you on a profound journey into what the ancient Aramaic culture of Yeshua/Jesus – called Madbra. Madbra, translated in the King James Bible as “desert” or “wilderness,” is the space within our consciousness that holds our deepest yearnings, fears, judgments and temptations. Left ignored and unacknowledged, these “shadows” can literally take over and run our lives. Yet, when we recognize and embrace these shadowy aspects of our consciousness, we experience a reintegration and balance of energy that is profound. Dale offers a living, breathing vision of Yeshua’s most misunderstood teachings through clear interpretations in English, prayer, breath work, and vocal intonations…

Listen to Dale’s teleclass: “5 Keys to Awakening the Aramaic Breath of Life Within!”
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Highlights Of Your Adventure:

  • Go deep into the original Aramaic teachings of Yeshua
  • Cultivate a totally new relationship with Yeshua’s teachings
  • Learn the techniques of StillPoint/Samadhi Breathing
  • Breathe in a living vision of the ancient Aramaic Lord’s Prayer
  • Re-experience Yeshua’s Original Aramaic Be-Attitudes
  • Participate in a Sacred Water Healing Ceremony
  • Merge with the sacred Sedona land during a beautiful hike
  • Time to explore the town of Sedona, the art galleries and more!
  • Five nights at the cozy Briar Patch Inn with yummy breakfasts

The Aramaic Breath of Life

When Yeshua made statements such as “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life” or “I Am the Light of the world”, was he speaking about himself? In the Coptic Gospel of Thomas, Yeshua spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven as being “rolled up in your presence,” “has already come but you do not comprehend it,” and is “spread out upon the earth but men do not see it.”

In the Aramaic language of his time, Yeshua taught about the spiritual dimension of Heaven: that it is spread out upon the Earth, within us and in our midst, nearer than our hands. Through the many layers of translation and interpretation that have resulted in today’s Christian bibles, many of these teachings have been lost or deeply misunderstood. Listen to Dale talk about his retreat now –>

Awakening in the Desert

We’ll be gathering at the charming Briar Patch Inn located along beautiful Oak Creek in Sedona which vibrates at a high frequency. Healthy breakfasts of fresh home-baked breads and muffins, crunchy granola, yogurt, fresh fruits and juices, eggs in the shell, coffee and herbal teas can be enjoyed by the fireside in the lodge, or on a tray at your cottage, or best of all, creekside. Briar Patch is perfect location to integrate the powerful teachings of this profound retreat!

“There is nothing to heal, only Truth to be revealed.”
~Ernest Holmes

Want to Join Us?

Questions? Give us a ring at 727-421-0849 or email us – we can’t wait to hear from you!


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