Itinerary for the Angkor Wat, Cambodia Volunteer Journey

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Day 0 Jan 19 (-/-/-) Arrival in Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia Spiritual Journey

Depending on where you are departing you must plan on leaving January 17th or the 18th to be able to arrive on time the night of the 19th. You will loose a day going west crossing the international date line. For those of you that are flying from Atlanta, we will do our best to have you all flying together. If you are joining us from another city, we will work with you to make sure you arrive at a similar time so everyone can be together. Today/tonight we will check into our lovely hotel and rest.


Day 1-9 Jan 20-29th (B/-/-)
Unconditional Love, Children, & Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Cambodia Spiritual Journey

January 20th begins our first full day in Siem Reap, Cambodia! Today we eat breakfast at the lovely Siddhartha Hotel and discuss our time together as well as our group intent for our amazing days filled with service to humanity and awe inspiring visuals.

Throughout the days of the tour – you will become familiar with our two school facilities. Our main campus located in Siem Reap serves more than 200 children daily. You will become a part of their class room learning environment, enjoy playtime and community, discover your desired area of service and find your heart opening with connection and service while becoming a part of their lives during the course of 10 days. Our newest school in the village of Nokor Krau provides additional opportunity for you to teach, share a smile, lend a hand and become a familiar presence with another 200 children.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Working with the children in school is a main focus. We provide additional support preparing meals, teaching English, music and/or supporting the staff in our sewing facility or IT tech center. There are trips scheduled into the surrounding villages where we distribute used clothing, engage in the activity of fresh water well-digging, support in distributing seeds to the village communities for starting gardens and other tasks as the immediate situations warrant. Village life is vastly different than the hustle and bustle of the tourist populated city of Siem Reap. This provides an educational juxtaposition of some of the stark realities and human need that still exists in this expanding region. Other opportunities of service include school supply shopping, repainting and cleaning of classrooms, hygiene lessons and much more.

Woven into our time with the children is your opportunity to extensively tour the majestic temples of Angkor Wat. Heralded as the largest spiritual temple complex in the world and a celebrated ancient wonder of the world, you will be awestruck by the intricate design and breathtaking architectural mastery that make up the temple complexes of the ancient Angkor civilization.

Volunteer Spiritual journey, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

You will be enchanted by the booming tourism of Siem Reap and experience the fun of wandering through the old markets to find just the right souvenirs and gifts at ridiculously low prices. Siem Reap has evolved into a vibrant destination of cultural diversity and rich heritage. We will celebrate the graduation party and presentation of our school children, see classic Aspara dancing from the ancient Angkor civilization, boat down the famous Tonle Sap lake and visit other NGO schools that are providing education to Cambodian children.

You can moderate your participation depending on your energy and interest. There will be plenty of free time for you to rest and rejuvenate. Self care opportunities abound with spa facilities, massages and treatments available to you at modest prices.

At the end you will have made endearing friendships and remembered a valuable and precious lesson – we are blessed. We have so much that we take for granted and this tangible act of service and volunteerism reminds each of us to never forget that.

Day 10 Jan 30th (B/-/-) Leaving for home

With our hearts filled and our renewed realization of how much we are blessed, we will begin departing on our respective flights back home.




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